Selasa, 10 Januari 2012


One moon sets. ANOTHER RISES. Farewell 2011.
HELLO 2012

深遠 おめでとう ございま ^^
(Selamat Tahun Baru ^^ )
I'm turning down to the fire.
Memorizing all memories in the head.
And Lost all about it.
I don't know I must to go where. You'll go when and the problem which disturb me in my brain.
I've just lost my dream. I just hope you'll not go on me.
No matter happen, I won't to be alone ---

All I need is study, not story telling -_-
I want to be clever. Like others.
And reach my dream to see my parents smile :)
This teacher only make me sleepy :(

This teacher is so boring... This part is so unnecessary,
mustly, he knows about it. He only make his student sleepy. What a pity me T.T

I went to Bandung too, not only Jakarta T.T
Don't Ignore me.
Sorry, I know if my voice is low, I haven't talked english.
So Sorry ---

Aww.. My teeth.. one? two? three?
huwaaaa.. four T.T, feels sick. Huwaa.. Dolphin, My dentist!
What happen with my teeth? It's broken T.T

Banyu? It's Palembang word means "Air"
Wangi? It's Indonesian word and the means is "Wangi" !
So, Banyuwangi means "Air yang wangi"
Isn't? -_-

Return to the teacher who I hate so much.
Not only that, but, there are two teachers who always make me bored!

Saturday is a day which I can't take a sleep in last subject in that day !!!!

=> The last is real FACT
others is fact.

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