Selasa, 10 Januari 2012

WHen I get bored in school

just writing something that unuseful -_-

1. I write down the unuseful sentence which means my feeling
2. I sleep at the bottom of the class, covered my face with my veil. So, my saliva is'nt turn out :P (hoho)
3. I don't hear what the teacher talk, it's like.. I only focus in one subject, and not study
4. I open the note, pretend listen teachers, but actually I'm drawing
5. Listen mp3 using headset but my eyes still at the teacher, pretend that I'm listening to her, and veil cover my headset :3
6. I start to roll my eyes and thinking about him, the one I like. It's crazier. But my eyes see the teacher even I focus on him.
7. I'll play BINGO with my friends, or the other games which doesn't make me feel bored
8. I open NoteBook and open my social networks :p but my ears keep listening even I focus on laptop :p

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