Senin, 28 Juni 2010

The meaning of life

• Do you know ARIN? There are some subjects that are always kept in your heart. And some objects that are always outside your heart. Something that is very important to you. And so must be interpreted in your life.
• Do you know ARIN? Call it something that "the meaning of life" in your mind. Meaning of life is before you publish, so it was just stored in your ribs. You have to make yourself understood "the meaning of life”. Browse the road you're traveling, the way you thought was right. So that someday you can understand yourself who you are.
• Do you know ARIN? In fact, you're not really evil. In fact, you're not really devious and petty. Ignore what your friend said. Ignore all things that can make you feel doubt. Everything does not mean anything to you. Nothing can reflect your identity if you so. There is only one important thing and it is a primary mission for you. Open it and understood "the meaning of life". Until you bring the light that will illuminate your path.
• Do you know ARIN? Many people who hate you. In your heart there is something they hate. Only, you do not know why. Do you wonder?
"Why does everyone hate me?"
"Why do they stay away from me?"
Of course NOT. You are very foolish if asked so. When you open the meaning of life, you will believe that you will change. Any expenses are piling up and dropping your life will be lost without trace.
• And do you know ARIN? For now, from you first open your eyes to the angels take you, the meaning of life will always be with you wherever you are.

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